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Is Money Required to Hire The Quinn Injury Law Firm?

No. At the Quinn Injury Law Firm, you will not have to pay anything until we get you a settlement from your personal injury case. If you suffer from a personal injury and want to find out if you should file a personal injury claim, feel free to call one of our 12 Bay Area offices toll free at 1-888-992-6464.

Can I Hire You Even If I Already Have Another Attorney?

Yes, you can. We will handle all the details so that you don’t need to contact your previous attorney. As a client, you have the sole right to choose your lawyer, at any time.

If I Hire Another Attorney, Do I Have To Pay Each Attorney In Full?

No, you only have to pay for one attorney if you were injured due to an accident.

Can You Help Me if I Have No Health Insurance?                                                           

This year alone, there were 55 million uninsured people in the U.S.

At the Quinn Injury Law Firm, we have doctors in every specialty that will render treatment to you now but you pay nothing until your case settles. These doctors will not charge you a penny until your case settles at which time you will have the money to pay them.

Don’t go without the treatment you need, get help now! Call  toll free at 1-888-992-6464.

What is Negligence?

Negligence is a legal term used to describe an act that a reasonable person in the same or similar circumstances would have done differently. As an example, a reasonable person normally doesn’t drive their car into the rear of your car. By rear-ending your car, they were negligent.

In automobile accidents, if someone was negligent and caused you injury you can recover the damages that person has caused you. You can recover all damages you suffered as long as you can prove these damages. They include fixing your car or paying you the value of your car if it is a total loss, cost of a rental car, lost wages or lost profits, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress and pain and suffering, etc.

What is a Recorded Statement?

One of the methods that insurance companies use to investigate car accidents is a recorded statement. They record your conversation with them. Do not, repeat, do not ever give a recorded statement or sign anything before you speak to us. Insurance companies are trained to take advantage of people and nothing good can ever come from giving a recorded statement.  This holds true even with your own insurance company.  If the person who injured you has no insurance or not enough insurance for your claim you have to use your own insurance policy to get the benefits you deserve. Just like all insurance companies, your company is in business to make money, not pay you money.

Do I have a Case?

If you have been injured through no fault of your own then generally you will have a case. Each case has its individual facts and circumstances. To find out whether or not you have a case, how much your case may be worth, and what your potential damages are just call The Quinn Injury Law Firm now toll free at 1-888-992-6464. There is never any charge for the initial consultation and we are paid only if we win. Don’t wait! Waiting only diminishes the value of your case and can only hurt your case! Call now!