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Personal Injury

Many personal injury cases may only involve minor injuries, you may still be entitled to substantial monetary damages. Medical expenses, no matter how small they are, including hospital expenses, medications, and therapy can be recovered. Additionally, in cases of gross negligence, punitive damages may be assessed to ensure that the conduct is not repeated in the future. Damages can be recovered  for any pain and suffering, permanent injuries, lost income, disabilities, medical or hospital expenses and even death. There are personal injury cases that involve being subjected to extreme emotional distress or verbal abuse which may also entitle you to damages. In the case of a death within a family, surviving family members can recover damages through wrongful death litigation.

There is an increased use of mediation rather than the courts as a means of resolving personal injury claims. Recently this process has become one of the most widely used methods of arriving at a reasonable and just settlement in a personal injury or wrongful death claim, especially in claims that would be more expensive and difficult to litigate in a jury trial. The mediation process ends the claim or litigation without any further costs to the client. If the mediation fails, the injured party proceeds to use the conventional remedy of litigation and jury trial without penalty. Mediation is a cost-effective procedure that could save the injured party a tremendous amount of money that would be expended in litigation.